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  • Производитель: CMC
  • Артикул: M-130
  • Масштаб: 1:18
  • Марка: ALFA ROMEO
  • Год выпуска: 1938
  • Страна: Италия
  • Статус: На заказ
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Шедевр модельного искусства: M-130 CMC Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B 1938 Rolling Chassis rolling chassis wood plate included
With the body panels removed it is now possible to see at first hand the sophisticated structure of the tubular space frame that provides a supporting scaffold for the Touring Superleggera body.

Технические данные модели CMC:
  1. Модель: Собранная вручную точная копия оригинального автомобиля
  2. Производитель: CMC GmbH Classic Model Cars Germany
  3. Масштаб: 1:18
  4. Артикул: M-130
  5. Ограниченная серия: 1.000 шт

Особенности масштабной модели CMC:
  • Rolling chassis complete with an impressive tubular space frame
  • Drive chain with a highly-detailed engine and transmission that was integrated into a differential transaxle
  • Functional steering
  • Removable spoked wheels
  • Oil- and fuel-tank made of metal
Description of the original vehicle: When stripped down the vehicle weighs approximately 850 кг. The CMC replica offers revealing looks into the interior of its cockpit the assemblage of its suspension system and the arrangement of its drive chain complete with engine and transmission. Also clearly visible are details of the cooling system the powerful fuel tank and the housing of the spare wheel.

A centerpiece in the front chassis is the impressive 8-cylinder in-line-engine with a maximum output of 220 л/с. It featured the relocation and integration of the 4-gear transmission to the rear axle as a block unit that came to be known as transaxle. This arrangement was motivated by the need to shift weight towards the rear of the vehicle. Likewise the placement of the huge fuel tank right behind the driver’s seat over the rear axle contributed to a balanced weight distribution. Hydraulic brakes on all four wheels served to ensure a reliable and necessary delay when the car slowed down from a top speed of approximately 245 км/чr.

Технические характеристики оригинального автомобиля:
  1. Внутренний размер и ход поршня: 68 x 100 мм
  2. Объем двигателя: 2.905 (2.927) куб/см
  3. Compression ratio: 6.3 : 1
  4. Максимальная мощность: около 220 л/с при 6.000 об/мин
  5. Максимальная скорость: 245 км/чr
  6. Колесная база: 2.799 мм
  7. Колея передняя/задняя: 1.349/1.349 мм
  8. Снаряженная масса: 1.100 кг (Rolling Chassis около 850 кг)